Ray Evans
Ray Evans
""Living For Today...Preparing For Tomorrow"
Graphic Designer
Business Owner


About Ray Evans

I'm not a Pastor, Priest or Biblical Scholar.  I'm not the latest greatest Internet Guru or a member of the "good ole boys" club.  I'm just a man with a God-given desire to help others.

Illuminated on Christmas Day, 1986, I committed my life to serving God after a "Damascus Road" experience on January 13, 1987.

I own a publishing company, a graphics company, a wholesale distributing company, a marketing company, and a few other on and offline businesses.  Using the principles contained in God's word, my life and businesses have been very blessed.

I've spent the last forty years in sales/sales management and over twenty years marketing online.  I currently own over 600 domains.

As I enter the twilight years of life, it is time to pass on the wisdom, knowledge and understanding I have gotten over the last forty years in business and thirty years walking and talking with God.

Of all I have learned, this is perhaps the most important: "Blessings don't come from belief, they come from obedience." 

It's not what you know that makes you successful, it's what you do.

To your success,

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